My Journey

We all have a story. My story has been filled with challenges, adventures, and victories. I am an entrepreneur, business owner, motivational speaker, and social media expert. That’s only part of it. I am also happily married to my high school sweetheart. I have 2 teenage sons and a great dog! I coach people on weight loss, eating healthy, exercise and lifestyle changes. I encourage what I call the “Black Belt Lifestyle” – a lifestyle that takes the approach of constant and never ending improvement. I teach and train martial arts to children – adults. I work with other martial arts school owners to grow their schools and their brands.

When I’m not doing that? I love to train – working out is a blast – my favorite is the various martial arts I have trained in. My whole family is involved so its a great way to spend time together. Then spending time by the water and all the fun that can include. Finally, I love to occasionally squeeze in a good book & a glass of wine either by the fire (winter) or in the hammock (summer).

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