A Life Worth Living

Reaching new heights daily
Reaching new heights daily

I have spent the last couple weeks thinking about all that I have accomplished in 2013, all the awesome memories I made, the new friends and relationships, how much more time I had with my family, and all the places we had been.

Visiting my Niece and Nephew in Long Island
Visiting my Niece and Nephew in Long Island

I started getting excited about what I was going to set out to accomplish in 2014, I am giddy with excitement as I see how much more I have accomplished then I dreamed just a year ago. Its amazing really.

It then hit me that until 2010, that was not how I saw the new year. First, I made resolutions… just like most Americans. Then I got sick of the resolution failure statistic and refused to set any resolutions. Instead, most new years were spent wallowing in everything I had failed in, all the things I STILL had not done.   Time I hoped the next year would be better, threw around some things that I would like to happen, but with no plan to see them through….until the next year where I faced yet another year of disappointments.

Its so different now, I look back at even my set backs as victories and opportunities. Its not that 2013 was easy. It wasn’t that i didn’t deal with some major challenges. The difference is how I view those challenges. I am floored at how much more I accomplish then what I set out for.

Spent my birthday in Miami
Spent my birthday in Miami

This is why A Life Worth Living was born. Until a few years ago, I was part of the “rat race” full of stress, drama, disappointments and let downs.

Then my mindset changed. My inputs changed, my Circle of influence changed. My life changed. I share a lot of my inspiration via facebook and have gotten emails on a weekly basis on how it has inspired someone to make a change.

Circle of Influence
Circle of Influence

My blog will allow me to be more long winded, as I share how God has taken my life in a totally new direction when I started following his leadership influences. I am excited to share a more personal side of myself and hope it will influence and inspire many of my readers to find there own life worth living.

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